排热和热浪!对英国热浪来说是个好消息!在印度, ’s 坏 news! In China? What does 中药 say?
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  • 排热和热浪:过热并变干!
  • 心脏病 中风 症状几乎相同
  • 比晒伤更严重 并且可以在没有任何晒伤的情况下发生
  • 您r 要么gans are over-heating. That could be the end of 您! Take Care!

排热和热浪! 在英国,热浪是个好消息。在印度,’s 坏 news. What about China? What does 中药 have to say about this?

好,首先’s common sense. 让’即使经历了’严格来讲不是来自中医。

但是在那之前 点击这里阅读关于热。热是其中之一 疾病原因.


排热和中暑– general advice

WHO’s most at risk?

  • 老人
  • babies 和 您ng children
  • 患有长期健康状况的人,例如 糖尿病 或心脏或肺部疾病
  • 那些已经生病和脱水的人(例如,由于腹泻和 肠胃炎)
  • 长时间剧烈运动的人,例如士兵,运动员,远足者和体力劳动者


您’re more likely to experience problems if 您’re dehydrated, there’s no breeze 要么 ventilation, 要么 您’重新穿着紧身,限制性的衣服。



  • A 热浪 occurs when very warm air, 通常 drying, arrives at the same time as clear sunny days. 您 get the sun, but 您 also get 热 air, a combination that makes a 热浪.
  • It 通常 lasts a few days. Take care! This is different from just a nice, sunny, day. This is like crawling into a 热 oven –却无法下车人们赶到外面(我’我在这里谈论的是英国和北部气候,我们对这种危险缺乏意识!),然后想知道为什么他们不这样做’t feel well. 



  • Take 热-waves seriously! They imperil 您r health, 和 if 您’变弱或变老,请参见上文, it’太容易死了
  • 通常,最好避开阳光。
  • Of course, 您 may have 空调。但这甚至是个问题 making 您 too 冷! 信不信由你,有可能(尽管很少)入侵 在入侵的同时 :对每个人都非常混乱,并且可能难以治愈。
  • 那热波和 晒黑? 您 may think a 热浪 is an ideal time to perfect 您r tan. The trouble is that just lying in the sun like that ‘cooks’ 您! 您r whole body 热s up. That introduces into 您r system, 不 just on its outside. This is drying, 不 just for 您r skin but internally as well. 如果你 read up on 干燥度 you’会了解更多,但通常是干燥‘attacks’ is 您r Lungs. Then 您 get ill, probably with a cough –如果它很难转移’s 不 understood. Also, 您 find 您rself becoming more sensitive to perfumes, pollens, dust, dander 和 other airborne allergens. 
  • And, of course, 您 may burn 您r skin, which can lead to other long-term problems which health services warn 您 about, including skin cancer.



让’s talk about the 错误 foods first! Foods that 您 should avoid during a 热浪!

Many city people in developed countries have rather lost touch with rural life. Rural life keeps 您 in touch with nature, 和 inculcates respect for its power 和 extravagance. 如果你 live a rural life, 您 get to know what foods suit 您 和 when. 

The further 您 are from growing 和 eating 您r own food, the less 您 know about it 和 what’s good 要么 坏.

一些食物变暖,其他食物变冷。有些正在加热。 (有关更多信息,请参阅 热食) Usually, if 您 follow 您r ‘gut’ instinct, 您’ll choose the best 要么 most appropriate food for 您r situation. But fashion 和 availability may deny 您 what 您r body actually needs.

想一想。在冬季,我们吃经常被炖的温暖食物,或烘烤,烤,烤或炸的食物。夏季,我们吃沙拉和水果。这样的冬季食物在变暖,而夏天吃的沙拉和水果在变凉。 (有关更多信息,请参阅 冷食



对于example, a food could be 热ing, warming, 凉ing 要么 cold. It could be moistening 要么 drying. If taken in excess it might affect a particular 针灸经络。可能会更好  or for 血液。它可能会影响 ang夫能量器官 more than another.

而且它会有味道(例如, ,酸,咸,甜,辣)。这种味道会进入或滋养其中一种z腐,而过多的特定味道会破坏它。

So a little spicy food encourages 您r 龙琪 更好地工作。辛辣食物太多 消散 您r 龙琪. This is rather like praising a child that has 不要e well: it encourages more of the same. But people vary: heaping too much praise on another child may encourage it to exhaust itself through over-trying.

如果太湿会引入 潮湿 or even .


Armagnac- 不 a good 热浪 fluid


How 您 prepare a food also affects its energetic action.

  • 焙烧引入加热趋势。 
  • 冷藏或冷藏的食物正在冷却,甚至变冷。瓜通常在冷却,但是烧烤会使冷却变少。 
  • 白兰地变暖,但白兰地变冷的程度要小一些。
  • 蔬菜(尤其是未加工的蔬菜),水果,沙拉以及冷藏或冷饮都在冷却。如果像煮咖喱一样煮熟,蔬菜可能会变成中性甚至略微变暖。
  • 咖喱,羊肉和牛肉等肉类,香料和酒精都在变暖,并且过多的热量会变热。
  • 烧烤食物使食物更加加热。
  • 热饮料在变暖
  • Spicy drinks are warming. Very spicy food 和 drinks 热 您 up so much that 您 perspire 和 您r body goes into 凉ing mode, trying to keep 您 凉.
  • Caffeine is too yang, too warming. 对于more, see 咖啡. Mind 您, especially if 您 are y血管紧张素缺乏, 它会– temporarily – make 您 feel better! (后来?不太好。)
  • 古代中国人没有’不含抗生素,人造肥料,除草剂,杀虫剂,杀真菌剂,防腐剂和激素,人造色素和香料以及所有其他物质。这些可能不’t help 您r  有些非常热。例如,某些颜色似乎会产生多余的颜色  对儿童的影响,例如多动症,皮疹, 失眠 and fretfulness.


芹菜汤:保湿,当温热食用时,具有一定的清凉作用,但没有’t damage 您r 胃 energy.

中医’s attitude 

中国的食物疗法体系建议您食用能使自己保持健康的食物‘balance’. Suppose, for instance, 您 are a chilly person, with poor circulation, who tends to feel cold even on 热 days. 您 should avoid salads 和 fruits even on 热 days, 要么 only eat them in small quantities between having warm things to eat 要么 drink. 

如果你自然是‘hot’ person, who wears less clothes than others without feeling 要么 looking cold, whose hands 和 feet are always warm whatever the weather? 对于you, too much warming 要么 热ing food is ‘bad’。相反,即使在冬天,您也可以吃更多的生沙拉和水果– but 不 too much!

对于‘hot’人,如果他们热浪可能是个坏消息’不适合。令人惊讶的是,对于一个冷酷的人,热浪是’不一定是一件好事。为什么?因为他们可能缺少阳气,所以这是他们在体内传播温暖或寒冷的必要条件。因此,起初,他们欢迎温暖,但后来,他们会比起温暖来感到更加激动。‘hot’ person!



Now, 某事 very important, that 您 may overlook: 您r ! (您可能认为我们’已经涵盖了这一点,但没有,我们’ve hardly started!) Probably, unless 您 suffer pain 要么 digestive problems, 您 take 您r 胃 for granted.

In 中药, 您r  非常重要。如果没有’t work, 您’ll absorb no food 和 will have no energy. During 热 weather, 和 especially during a 热浪, 您r body is running at full tilt to keep 您 凉. To do that it needs energy. It gets that energy from food. That food supplies its energy only when 您r 胃 is working properly.

So, be very careful to keep 您r 胃 on 您r side during a 热浪!

How do 您 do that? 好, 您’在整个网站上,例如在类似 营养.


对于strong 胃 Function 您 need good food sources


  • 吃简单的食物 
  • 已经准备好了
  • 定期地 
  • 好好咀嚼
  • Take care to eat it when 您 are relaxed, away from work 和 away from talking about work, 和
  • 不打算赶回去上班。 
  • 抽出时间吃饭。 
  • 享受准备食物的整个过程,如果可能的话, 
  • eat in good company: good company may help 您 digest it better. (There’这是中医对此的原因,这将我们带入理论之中,这会使该页面过长。)


因此,今天不仅是一个温暖的晴天,而且是 热浪!

为什么are 您 planning to eat 烤肉烤的肉?这太荒谬了,而且还会给您带来大量的卡路里。天气炎热会使您减少锻炼的兴趣,而您’即使从蛋白质上也可以增加体重!所以在热浪中,吃烤肉绝对没有道理–除了烧烤很有趣之外! 


Parizad Shojaei摄于Unsplash

好!关于什么 冰淇淋? 如果你 eat just the cream 和 the sugar together, it would be warming. Freezing it makes it harder to digest if 您r digestion is weak, but it is otherwise still warming! However, its coldness weakens 您r  and 胃 energies 和 easily 原因 pain in 您r upper abdomen. It will be delicious, I grant 您, but it won’t really help to keep 您 凉 for long. It may even introduce : check 您r nose 和 throat for this a little while after eating it.

行!也许一个 冰糕或冰冷的冰?那’s more like it, but even here, the energy of 您r stomach is being challenged by the coldness. 如果你’ve just eaten 某事 warming, perhaps it will 平衡 it out. Otherwise, although moistening, it may be too 凉ing.

So, 您 ask, what’避免排热好吗?

I hope from the above 您’ll have realised that during this exceptional weather, this 热浪 with the threat of 热 精疲力尽, 您 have to be more careful. 



Do what the natives of 热, relatively undeveloped countries do: drink 温热或温暖,但不冷。 (中医在中国喝热茶 一年四季,无论天气如何。)

印度或中国茶非常好。许多草药都有 冷却效果 类似于以下内容,但可以将其作为温暖的茶饮:

  • 薄荷
  • 薄荷
  • 老花
  • 薄荷
  • 马郁兰
  • 虚荣
  • 甘菊。



这些具有所谓的 凉ing,(请参阅 主要和次要动作),甚至更好。如果可能,请使用新鲜的叶子。唐’t take too much of these herbs, 要么 make them too concentrated, because then their other more medicinal effects will start to affect 您. 对于more on this interesting subject, click on 西药的能量学.

Indian 要么 中国茶is mildly diuretic 和 is regarded as being 凉ing 和 moistening, even when taken warm. 如果你 dislike 茶, warm 要么 温柔的 water will do. 赢了’t be exciting 要么 delicious, but it will be the best food 您r body can take to keep itself 平衡d.


好吧’s moistening 和 凉ing, but takes energy to digest so if 您r energy is down –因为它倾向于在热浪中– give 您r  every support 您 can. What that means is, 不要’不要在冰上或冰鲜食品中加入过多的食物。

如果你 take 不e of all this, 您’ll cope better with the 热 than 您r neighbour who drinks 和 eats whatever is fashionable.





好的选择!但 最好不冷藏. 让 its moistening 和 energising energies do what they’re designed to do, to moisten 您 (which helps 您 sweat) 和 energise 您 (because fruit contains sugars) 和 gently 凉 您. (请记住,我们’在热浪中重新谈论。在一年中的其他时间,尤其是当’感冒了,水果通常不是一个好主意。)


Excellent choice, unless 您 have deficient 胃 齐, in which case have a warm soup before the salad 和 some warm 茶 afterwards, thereby keeping 您r tubes warm!

在热浪中 您 really 不要’t need much protein. Unless 您’ve been under-nourished beforehand, 您r body will cope better without too much 热ing food, as from protein.





在热浪中 w耳棉,浅色或白色。 (请参见19世纪亚美尼亚棉花采集者的图片。)

然后它的颜色会略微减少阳光的影响’s rays, 和 being cotton it will be light to wear 和 will absorb 和 easily evaporate 您r perspiration. 如果你 have a fabric that’比棉花更好,请告诉我们!

When outside, wear a sun-hat, preferably vented, so that any passing breeze can remove 热 air. Make sure it is light-coloured 要么 white. A scarf over 您r head can be almost as good.

您 may find that wearing even a non-vented light-coloured hat is better than no hat, because the trapped air, although 热, doesn’改变温度要比不戴帽子凉爽。 

Also, be aware that although 热 during the day, sometimes the air gets cold 在晚上。 Wear 某事!人体只能应对有限的温度范围。

警告–在热浪中微风– Caution!

Beware breezes on a 热 day, when 您 are 热 要么 perspiring heavily. They are a source of 在中医中被认为是最具侵入性和危险性的一种 疾病的外部原因.

At the time, that gentle breeze feels great. Only later, when 您 get the headache 和 chill, may 您 regret it. 如果你 must expose flesh to the wind, keep 您r abdomen 和 back covered, 和 let bare legs 和 lower arms 凉 您. Otherwise 您 could end up  with an attack of what in 中药 叫做 风冷 要么 风热.




If there is stagnant water near 您, get a mosquito net. (Stagnant water could be in just an old flower-pot 要么 肠子ter protected from the sun. Mosquitoes need very little of it to breed.)




  • That also means, 不要’t get emotional. It’s a 热 wave, remember, 和 strong emotions stir 您 up, probably more than 您 realise. 
  • 所以留下‘cool’.


  • 走在树荫下。
  • 坐在树荫下。
  • (If the 热浪 continues for more than a few days, 您 may find that 您r body begins to adapt 和 您 can do more.)
  • 关闭面向太阳的窗户,并在白天遮蔽百叶窗。如果有快门,快门甚至会更好。内部虽然温暖,但可能比外部凉爽。 (最好还是要有一所房子,外面有厚厚,绝缘良好的墙壁漆成白色,还有大房间,高高的天花板和凉爽的地板,但是我们可以’t all be blessed.) 
  • 尽可能关闭电气设备。它产生热量。
  • 晚上,让空气凉爽些。
  • Sleep in the 凉est room 您 can find. If it’其实很冷,穿明智的衣服。
  • Keep indoor plants, suitably moistened, in any rooms 您 plan to occupy. They moisten the air 和 help to keep 您 凉.
  • 如果你 have an electric fan, be careful NOT to sit directly in the draft it makes, tempting though this may be. 让 it circulate the air, by all means, but 不要’t let the air it blows on 您 evaporate 您r sweat. See, again, .
  • Beware leaving people, especially babies, children 要么 the elderly, in stationery cars with no ventilation, whether 要么 不 the car is in direct sunlight. The 热 sunlight is 坏 enough, but it’致命的热火。
  • 宠物也是如此。
  • Become good neighbours to those who are weaker than 您, including the elderly. Just check on them periodically – unless 您r presence drives them mad, of course!
乔纳森·布兰德(Jonathan Brand)颜色




Book a Video consultation if 您 want to know more about 您r symptoms


In terms of 中药, 热 warms 和 dries the fluids of 您r body. This leads to 阴虚. Usually 阴虚 creeps up on 您 as 您 age, 要么 after an inflammatory disease 要么 high fever 要么, for some, if 您 overwork mentally for too long.

利用Heatwave的热量耗尽功能,速度更快。严重 干燥度 和 阴虚 drain 您r resources 和 可以杀死 as the 热 penetrates down through 您r 四个防御等级 –请参阅下面的中暑。

Do realise that, if symptoms appear of disease at these four levels (for symptoms click the link) 您 need treatment. This is almost certainly 不 a do-it-yourself situation: 您’re past that stage.


这么热 中风 当巨大的热量使您的血液过热并在血液中流到大脑中时,会引起某种癫痫病发作。您可能会短暂变得躁狂,但更常见的是您与现实失去联系并开始看到幻想。身体上可能会有抽搐。对于儿童和老人,这可能很快发生– take care! 


精疲力尽 通常较慢。热会耗尽您的阴部资源,您会变得虚弱。当环境温度在高湿度下超过35°C时,持续出汗可能会导致这种情况。为了使汗液正常工作,您的汗水需要蒸发,但是如果环境太潮湿(如高湿度),汗液就不能蒸发。所以没有’即使您的新陈代谢极力地使您凉爽,也可以使您凉爽,并且您会过热。确实,它投入的工作本身可能会变得很热。因此, 热疗.

同样的事情发生在经常努力锻炼身体或减轻体重的人身上,他们在水肺潜水中锻炼太长时间或‘wet’西装。这些是为了防止冷风进入和–取决于类型–将水夹在西服和皮肤之间。该水几乎加热到体温,即使在深冷水中也能使游泳者保持温暖。但是,如果穿着运动剧烈,您的汗水就可以’蒸发,所以过热。我认识很多人 谁因此而死. 对于more, 点击这里.


I’我并不是将本页面真正地瞄准那些可能会毁于我们其余人的超级健美运动员。运动员– like tennis players who have fought each other for hours on very 热 days –可能会用冰浴冷却 但是我不建议患有HeatWave,中暑或中暑的普通人使用.

即使对于那些身材超强的运动员,我认为中药也可能对冰浴提出警告,因为它们是冰浴的来源。  (and 潮湿)。

好, 明显, 您 say!


It might start appearing as ongoing tightness 要么 sore stiffness, perhaps during the next 要么 a subsequent spell of damp 要么 cold weather. Then, one day, 您 find 您 have what 西药 诊断为关节炎。


Yes, 您 do need Yin! 但别太多!


让’假设您和我决定一起打网球。现在,您可能老了,也年轻,很健康,但是我’我远远超过70岁,而且不太擅长网球。虽然我没有疾病,‘look after’ myself, I 不要’我真的相信自己是一个非常健康的人,我想相信你以为我是!



So, 您’我选择在夏季中​​旬撒哈拉沙漠中段与我一起打网球。 

It’s going to be 热, with no clouds to prevent an instant sunburn.

And 您’re keen on tennis 和 fitter than me. 您 play a hard game.

我要持续多久?灿烂的阳光,热浪,波光粼粼的沙滩,烈风,网球拍的重量和– well, I’m tired before we’ve started.



5分钟后,我’m floored. To say I’m 热 is an understatement. I’口渴,沸腾,筋疲力尽。我可能会感到头晕,甚至晕倒。我的行为可能很奇怪。当然,我’m sweating, 和 I’m probably irritated with myself, with 您 和 您r whole stupid idea.

我的身体在疯狂地运转着,无法使我冷却。一世’我大量出汗’米红色的脸。和唐’t forget I’m tired.


But 您’re 不 such a 坏 type. 您’ve brought 您r own private aircraft with its wonderful 空调, attentive staff 和 凉 drinks.

I stagger into it. And 您 invite me to take a shower. On purpose 您’ve arranged for the water to be ice-cold. And 您’我们已准备好将冷饮放置在淋浴间中。




您 hear a thump. 您 rush in. What do 您 find?

I’我ed缩在地板上的一个紧紧的球里, 发抖。突然我’ve become ice-cold.

但它’s still a boiling 热 day, 和 even though the aircraft has the 空调 full on, the interior of the aircraft is pretty 热.



I was already exhausted, remember? 所以我 was getting through my yang energy pretty 快速.




Disaster! I added a huge 块 of Yin!

然后,愚蠢的我,我摄取了太多的阴:冰冷的淋浴,最后是冰冷的饮料。大概一个 要么 另一个也许还不错,但是他们在一起变凉了  the exterior  我身体的内部。

虽然这些是阴液我’被吞下后,他们还没有时间化为血,这就是我的身体用来滋养和降温的方法。所以’s like a big 块 of ice inside, 要么 您 might almost say, on top of me.


It’s too much! Suddenly 您’ve quenched the little (Yang) fire there was still in me. So there I am, suffering from an invasion of 冷 on the 热test day of the year in the middle of the Sahara desert!

What should 您 do –中暑治疗?

中暑怎么治疗?一世’告诉你。您应该关闭空调,用温暖的毯子盖住我(我想您的飞机有盖毯子?),然后给我一点温暖的液体喝–如果我能接受的话。最好你’可以给我泡些生姜的温热凉茶。 (生姜是一种很好的草药,可帮助您的胃能量更好地发挥作用。)

唐’t give me alcohol,虽然 最初变暖并可能充满卡路里有辅助作用 which is 凉ing –当然不是我需要的!

您 might even give me a warm, 不 热, bean bag 要么 热 water bottle. Notice where I put this –几乎可以肯定我的腹部,然后我将其卷曲–那个胎位再次出现。

Then 您 keep a careful eye on me, I hope for several hours. 您 make sure I 不要’t get dehydrated. 如果你 不要’不能喝含电解质的饮料来代替液体I’输了,给我加盐和糖的水。唐’在我恢复精力之前,不要给我很多食物。



  • 唐’在热浪中奔波。 
  • 冷静。 
  • 慢慢来。 
  • 赢了’t last for ever. 
  • When it ends, if 您 must, then rush around.


How to 凉 down if 您 fear 热 stroke 和 热 精疲力尽




Dab it behind 您r knees, on 和 under 您r arms, round 您r neck, on 您r forehead. If the atmosphere is very damp 要么 moist, even this won’没有太大帮助,因为它赢了’蒸发,但要尝试一下。

Unless 您 are 您ng 和/or vigorous, 不要’t jump into an ice-cold shower 要么 bath. 您r body will eventually react by warming 您 up: better to use a 温柔的 shower, then wipe 要么 dab 您rself dry.

而且,尽管您可能认为我疯了,但是不要’t keep swilling down water. 如果你 are neither weakened by disease nor elderly, 您r body will probably tell 您 when it needs moisture. (Though 不 always, I grant 您, so it’太多的液体压力不仅会影响您的胃阳,还会影响您的肾阳。读 肾阳虚 for more on this.

So drink when thirsty, 要么 when the colour of 您r urine remains yellow through the day. (This is assuming 您 aren’不要摄取食物或维生素– like Vit B – that turns 您r urine dark 要么 yellow.) And when 您 drink, 不要’把它全部吞没! 一次一点喝. Doing it that way introduces yin gradually without overwhelming 您r 胃 energy.





  • 疲倦和虚弱
  • 感到头晕或头晕 
  • 优柔寡断,思维混乱,注意力不集中
  • 坏 breath
  • 情绪波动
  • 降低血压
  • 头痛
  • 抽筋
  • 糖的渴望
  • 恶心和呕吐
  • 大汗淋漓
  • 强烈的口渴
  • 快速 脉冲
  • 排尿次数少,尿液比平常多 
  • 不寻常的便秘
  • 和 if 您 start getting these, 您 definitely need to drink more, but …
  • trying to keep it simple, check 您r urine. Drink enough to keep it very pale 要么 almost colourless.



如果你 不ice many of these symptoms in someone else, 您 should:

  • 让他们躺在凉爽的地方 –例如在凉爽的房间或阴凉处
  • [如果他们失去知觉,, put them in the recovery position 和 do as much of the following as possible 和 is legal in 您r locality.]
  • 脱掉任何不必要的衣服 露出尽可能多的皮肤–但要确保他们不是’即使有风扇,也请轻风轻拂,并在它们开始冷却时准备盖上它们
  • 冷却皮肤 – with a 温柔的 sponge 要么 flannel, the best places being behind the knees, the armpits 和 neck; 要么 wrap them in a 温柔的, 湿 sheet
  • take great care if 您 intend to fan their skin while it’s moist。在中药中,过多的冷却空气会产生以下症状: ,通常是 风冷。如果他们得到了,他们就赢了’t thank 您.
  • 让他们饮液体 –理想情况下,应该是 温柔的 水,果汁或运动饮料。如果其中包含一点糖,那’s ok: 您’出于医学原因而不是将其用作食物。
  • 和他们在一起至少半个小时。如果他们避风港’从那时开始恢复或失去知觉,妄想,癫痫发作或抽搐, 寻求医疗帮助.



如果你 find someone who has had no fluids for some days 和 is dying from lack of moisture, 不要’往干of的喉咙里倒一桶水。 



如果你’ve ever found a cloth that has completely dried out, at first it may actually resist absorbing water. 如果你 try to bend it, it will break because it has ‘set hard’. That’就像处于这种情况的某人。通过在水上轻轻擦拭,您将逐渐获得等同于润湿布的效果,最终使布具有适当的吸收性。

唐’t rush this. It can take longer than 您 think.



中暑与中暑相同,可能是严重的医疗紧急情况。 因此,请认真对待。 Your body stops being able to 凉 itself down, 和 the 热 penetrates into 您r vital inner 要么gans, 和 even 您r brain.

Read about what happens as 热 penetrates inside 您r 四级防御 根据中医。 (警告!它’有点技术性,但有些人对这种事情真的很感兴趣。)

By then, all the systems nature put in place to keep 您r body working properly have started going wrong.




The explanation中医for 热 抽筋 is this. They occur when, from 热 exposure, probably with perspiration, 您r body loses moisture. In other words 您 can get this when exercising heavily in 热 air.

你的血被耗尽–可能同时存在于水,盐和其他电解质中。阴凉,放松和保湿。没有足够的阴气,您的肌肉和肌腱就会收紧,导致肌肉痉挛。它们可能很危险,因为在您更换耗尽的阴气之前,您的身体无法自行修复。因此,这些痉挛会非常痛苦,持续时间比 小腿抽筋 在晚上。 

热 抽筋 occur more often in people who are unfit for the level of exercise in 热 that they are taking. So they are more likely to happen early in the season before 您r body becomes conditioned to heavy exertion in the 热.


  • Very sore involuntary muscle spasms occurring during 要么 after exercise with heavy perspiration in 热 environments
  • 干燥,脱水
  • 口渴
  • 精疲力尽




  • 补充丢失的液体
  • Replacement of electrolytes: if far from medical help, sip warm water with a little salt 和 sugar in it. (No, 您 probably won’t喜欢它!)许多制造商生产商业用电解质替代饮料。
  • Stretch 您r affected muscles
  • 休息– but 不要’t stay completely still. A little movement is good 和 helps 您r body circulate blood.
  • Keep warm: 您 may be tempted to take a cold shower, but it is better to cover 您rself 和 gradually 凉 down until sweating ceases, before showering.


Although the symptoms are much the same, watch out! 中暑 in kids can develop much 快速er than 您 think.

为什么–中医– is this?

孩子的体力消耗,让’•不要忘记孩子中暑的症状,因为孩子的身体比较小,所以发生得很快。我们的身体阴,容纳我们 沉心

实际上,婴儿出生时就是一小束含大量阳气的阴。或者至少’s what 您 hope. That yang manifests itself in that first yell!

健康的孩子们活跃,嘈杂,不安,麻烦:非常阳!他们需要舒适的居所及其规则以学习如何生活– yin.


少量的银会使它们容易过热。因此,他们已经阳了,因此比大多数成年人更容易遭受过多的热量。它发生了 快速.

One moment 您’我们有健康,好奇,吵闹的孩子。他们’re outside, running around, 热ing up. They might forget to drink the lemonade 您 left out. Or maybe they got stuck up a tree in the sun.


儿童中暑症状– what to do!

Quick. 对于heat 精疲力尽 和 热 stroke in kids, act 快速.

  • 坐在树荫下。
  • 膝盖之间的头。
  • 松开衣服。
  • 在其中加入一点柠檬水(里面有糖吗?… 和 let’s hope it’不再冰冷了吗?)但请尝试使它们变冰 it. (或者什么?它可能会再次出现!)。
  • 接下来,将它们放在室内休息和冷却。恢复状况会很好。
  • Apply a (tepid) 湿 flannel behind their knees, in the crease of their elbows, round their neck, over the forehead – 在他们的背部或腹部。
  • 当他们康复时,问他们感觉良好。


让 them rest.

  • 每隔几分钟检查一次。
  • 您’重新检查,理想情况下,它们正在睡觉或打do睡,并且不会再次过热。
  • 脸颊颜色应恢复正常。
  • 汗水应减少。
  • 精神障碍的任何迹象都在发生。
  • 否则,请寻求医疗帮助– that’s important!


为什么?小尸体会很快生病并很快康复– 通常!

如果没有,他们需要医疗帮助。 (Which would do what? Probably do what 您’这样做,但要连接到各种仪器上,并要静脉滴注电解液。)



热浪s impose extra burdens on 您r body. 



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